open call - for performance art researcher in practice, theory and passion, Bonn 2015

The topic of this experimental and research exhibition are the views of

lying – sitting – standing – walking – jumping – flying/falling – carrying:
what the human is doing and how

The exhibition take place February 2015
The exhibition is connected to the Videonale 2015. Some video-essays for this topic are in production. (Roland Bergére)
The exhibition is not a commercial exhibition, the exhibition is the knowledge owed in performance art. It is a network to bind the different artistic works in a diagrammatic overview.

The matter for this exhibition will be generated in three ways:
a – we cordially invite performance artists and theorists to send documents about this topic. text, photos, (till A3) and exceptional video

b - the performance archive Black Kit generates material from the history in performance and performing arts

c - the research project Anthropognostical Dishes generated material from an anthropological and ethnographical perspective of human movements of this topic.

See the website from the first exhibition:

See the website of the performance art archive:

See the website of Künstlerforum Bonn

Deadline – 31. December 2014
If you have questions - don't be afraid to come back to me.

Warmest greetings and big hope for your participation

Boris Nieslony / PAErsche, E.P.I. Zentrum
Gerhard Dirmoser / diagrammatical
Roland Bergére / radical-egal - video
Sibylle Ettengruber / web/ blog-presence
Susanne Grube / Künstlerforum Bonn

Send the material to
Boris Nieslony / Atelierhaus
Boltensternstrasse 16 V6
D – 50735 Köln